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Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers: Sales, Service & Repair

Smooth Transition Rite-Hite Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers

Rite-Hite Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers provide the safest and most reliable operation in the industry. No other loading dock leveler offers the Smooth Transition system specifically engineered to reduce Dock Shock by up to 76% and provide the smoothest path between the loading dock floor and the trailer. Rite-Hite exclusive design features include the available Safe-T-Lip option to prevent open dock drop-off accidents. All Rite-Hite Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers operate with biodegradable fluid that is not only environmentally friendly, but also outperforms traditional industrial grade fluids. Contact us and learn how we can make a difference for you.

  • RHH Standard Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler
    The RHH Series features an ergonomic design and simple operation with state-of-the-art controls. The robust platform construction is engineered to provide ramp flex of 4” to compensate for unlevel trailer beds and the 8” beam spacing is ideal for 3-wheel forklift traffic.
  • RHH High Capacity Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler
    The RHH High Cap Series has an I-beam design and Hydra-Rite hydraulics for heavy loads plus all of the features of our standard RHH Series, including Smooth Transition and Safe-T-Strut™.
  • RHV Vertical Storing Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler
    The RHV Series offers maximum environmental control and security with safe and simpler operation using state-of-the-art power-up/power-down controls. RHV stores vertically inside the building allowing the sectional door to close directly to the pit floor, thus eliminating energy loss, improving security and easing sanitation and maintenance needs.
  • RHJ JUMBO Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler
    The RHJ Series features a wider platform that eliminates pit wall and bumper obstructions to allow for full-width trailer access – ideal for servicing trailers below dock level.
  • Loading Dock Leveler Service, Repair and Maintenance
    Loading dock leveler repair and service is important to maintaining a safe, efficient warehouse. Pugleasa Company services all brands of loading dock levelers. In addition to providing loading dock leveler repair options and loading dock leveler upgrades, Pugleasa also has Planned Maintenance Programs (PM) that help maintain your loading dock equipment and protect your investment. Contact us to find out why we’re experts on hydraulic loading dock leveler service and repair.

Making the right choice of product and supplier is difficult. Contact Pugleasa Company today and find out why we’re the “go to” firm for businesses across the Midwest when it comes to Rite-Hite Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers.



Dock Shock is the jarring that occurs when a forklift crosses between the warehouse floor and trailer bed due to bumps and gaps that exist on traditional loading dock levelers. It compounds the harmful effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), or repeated exposure to machine vibrations that are transmitted through the entire body’s supporting surfaces (ankles, knees, back and neck) and occur from operating a forklift or stand-up walkie on the loading dock. Dock Shock also contributes to increased damage and wear to product and equipment (forklift & walkie wheels, dock seals and bumpers).

Rite-Hite’s Smooth Transition dock leveler design reduces dock shock up to 76 percent!

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