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Dock Seals and Shelters

Pugleasa will recommend the best Seal or Shelter for your needs.

Pugleasa Company was one of the first in the world to represent Frommelt Industries – the inventor of dock shelters.  Over 50 years, we have provided dock sealing solutions to virtually every Fortune 500 company in the Upper Midwest.  Our sales team has the knowledge to understand each company’s unique situation and the expertise to recommend the best product solutions.  Dock seals and shelters provide a vital function at the loading dock – protecting your people, products and profits from exposure to temperature, weather dust, insects, etc., while allowing efficient trailer loading/unloading.  No company has more solutions than Pugleasa Company. Contact us to discuss your application.

Choosing the Right Dock Seal or Shelter for Your Needs

Choosing the right product to seal your loading dock shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Do you require a tight seal or full access into the trailer?  Or, maybe you need both?  What kind of trailer traffic do you service?  Is minimizing “white space” important?  What changes might occur in the future and how can you best plan for the unknown?  It’s simple, really.  Just call Pugleasa Company and we’ll review your situation with no obligation.


FDS/TP Foam dock seal Tight seal, reduced trailer access Most commonly used and cost effective.  Energy efficiency, food, refrigerated facilities Available with fixed head pads or adjustable head curtains for taller door openings
INSULATOR Foam dock seal Tight seal, reduced trailer access Moderate-to-heavy traffic, air-ride trailers, distribution facilites Feature exclusive light blocking pleated face to reduce white space around trailer protrusions
SURVIVOR Collapsible shelter Full access, reduced sealing of trailer hinge gaps Full access loading/unloading Survivor’s impactable design reduces damage from off-center trailers
GAPMASTER Impactable shelter Provides BOTH tight seal and full access to trailer Rain diverting, reducing white space, sloped dock approach A trailer’s hinge gap is equivalent to a 2 1/2 sq. ft. hole in your building wall
RAINGUARD Header seal Seals the top of the trailer Mounts to the face of the loading dock, requiring no pit recess, but has limited operating range.


Case Study


A light manufacturing machine shop in the west-metro needed to service BOTH 53-foot trailers and step-ledge dock trucks. They didn't have enough docks to service both trailer/truck types. The winter of 2011 was approaching and energy/heat loss was a primary concern with the step-ledge trucks that were leaving a one-foot gap of white space.


Pugleasa's sales personnel applied a Frommelt ComboShelter II Dock Shelter, which is specially engineered to address unique dock challenges.


The Frommelt ComboShelter II Dock Shelter has allowed this customer to accept standard trailers as well as trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions. White space was eliminated from the step-ledge trucks, saving the customer energy

Pugleasa Company has been helping customers address dock seal/shelters challenges for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your situation or learn more about our unmatched service department.

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