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Dock Shelters


Dock shelter models vary primarily on their levels of impactability (ability to withstand hits from off-center trailers) and their degree of sealing efficiency. All shelters are available in a variety of fabrics, including exclusive Durathon high-strength, friction resistant fabric.  All Frommelt loading dock shelters provide full, unobstructed access to loads on trailers, for high-productivity dock operations. Below are some of the most common shelters Pugleasa recommends; there are a number of other application specific shelters our sales people can recommend.

This fully impactable shelter is the industry's only full access dock shelter that also provides high sealing efficiency. The exclusive GapMaster hooks provide a seal around trailer hinge gaps without restricting accessing to loads, keeping expensive energy inside your building and saving you money.

  • 90-95% sealing efficiency due to sealing of trailer hinge gaps
  • Save $200-$700 per year by preventing energy loss
  • Helps control infiltration of dust and bugs into dock area.
  • Poly-wrapped foam sinde frames provide ultimate impactability if struck by off-center trailer
  • Slim-profile sideframes allow unit to fit into tight spaces.
  • Removable side curtains provide flexibility for maintenance. Easily reattached with Velcro.
  • Sloped fabric canopy header with integral rain gutter diverts rain off sides.

This shelter is fully impactable and can take repeated hits from off-center trailers without suffering expensive damage. Advanced side-frame and header technology allows for better sealing efficiency and the ultimate in long-term durability.

  • 80-85% sealing efficiency
  • All the same benefits as the GapMaster, but without the GapMaster hooks.
  • Appropriate for docks that primarily receive trailers with roll-up doors.

The Survivor Dock Shelter can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage the way traditional shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel can, which saves you from steep repair or replacement costs.

  • 80-85% sealing efficiency
  • Poly-frame design allows shelter to accept trailer impact without permanent damage
  • Permanently attached side curtains
  • V-flow header diverts water off sides of shelter
  • Compactible with rain diversion headers
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Case Study


The existing dock shelters at a distribution company in Chanhassen, MN weren’t working. Employees were complaining about cold air blowing into the loading dock in the winter and management was concerned about product damage from rain blowing into the dock in the summer.


Pugleasa’s sales representative reviewed the situation with the customer to evaluate their needs and present possible solutions. Trailer door hinge gaps were identified as a big cause of the problems but full-width access into the trailers was also identified as a need. Frommelt GapMaster soft-sided dock shelters were recommended as the ideal solution.


The GapMaster shelters eliminated the trailer hinge gaps that were allowing cold air and rain to blow into the dock while also providing full-width, unobstructed access into the trailer.

Pugleasa Company has been helping customers address dock seal/shelters challenges for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your situation or learn more about our unmatched service department.

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