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Dock Seals


Dock seal models vary based on their construction, durability and performance features. The comparison guide below will help get you started. Note that options like Durathon fabric, FireFighter head pad/curtains and a 12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee are exclusive to Frommelt; you won't get those quality features with competitive products. Pugleasa's sales team excels at talking through your unique needs and applying the right DOCK SEAL for your facility.   Contact Pugleasa Company today for more information.



Full-height Durathon* side pad face reinforcing over base fabric
Optional wear pleats on side pads over base fabric
Full-hieght Durathon inside side pad reinforcing
Optional inside side pad reinforcing
Triple-reinforced corner wear boots
Standard corner wear pleats
Removable/replaceable wear components (boots; curtain face)
Light-blocking header face
Backerless, pivoting head pad
Classic stationary head pad
Internal stabilizing panel in head pad
FireFighter heat-dissipation protection in header**
Optional FireFighter protection in side pads** Optional Optional
Self-locking wind-resistant head curtain
Impactable head curtain frame
Galvanized steel backer Optional
Full menu of sizes and options
12-month parts and labor warranty
12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee
36-month money-back satisfaction guarantee
* Durathon is a proprietary, high-strength, friction-resistant fabric with a textured surface for increased abrasion resistance compared to standard fabrics
** Guraranteed not to burn from heat of trailer marker lights

Case Study


A large Distribution warehouse in the Twin Cities area needed a tight seal at the dock to control temperature but was experiencing excessive wear on their dock seals due to a high volume of traffic. For years they had been using foam dock seals with wear pleats, but the wear pleats were being quickly torn off by the movement of the trailers from air-ride systems and during normal loading/unloading. They were also damaging the inside face of the side pads with pallets and wide loads.


Pugleasa's salesperson evaluated the situation with the customer and suggested the INSULATOR dock seal as a solution. The INSULATOR features a durable, no-pleats design that is capable of withstanding the abuse caused by trailer movement and loading/unloading. Additionally, the INSULATOR includes a FireFighter head pad that provides protection against fires caused by trailer indicator lights, a problem that the customer had experienced at other locations.


The customer now benefits by having dock seals that last longer, maintain temperature, require less frequent replacement and protect against loading dock fires, thereby saving them money over the long-term.

Pugleasa Company has been helping customers address dock seal/shelters challenges for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your situation or learn more about our unmatched service department.

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