1. Dedicated in-plant sales professional provides you with better service and expertise
  2. Over 50 years experience providing in-plant material handling solutions
  3. Pugleasa quality assurance from product selection to warranty protection

In-Plant Equipment

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the loading dock.

For more than 50 years Pugleasa Company has been helping customers solve their unique facility and in-plant equipment challenges. Our customer base is a virtual “Who’s Who” of top Midwest businesses including more than a few Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise is unmatched. We know that there are no cookie-cutter solutions and work directly with our customers to find a solution that meets their needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your current situation.


Industrial Fans

  • Revolution HVLS Fans: Capable of delivering the most air movement of any HVLS fan on the market, the original Revolution Fan is ideal for larger buildings with high ceilings.
  • AirLine: Fabric Air Tunnel is designed to keep people cool and productive in a variety of applications.
  • Revolution SP Fans incorporate the same benefits as the HVLS fans but are designed for smaller spaces where aesthetics are important.
Safety, Protection and Guarding

  • Rack Repair
  • Guard-Rails: Prevent accidents at your loading dock and other areas throughout your facility.
  • Column & Bollards
  • Gates
Mezzanines, Offices & Partition Walls

  • Mezzanines
  • Modular/In-plant Offices: A wide range of prefabricated building systems, providing shelter and storage solutions for virtually any working environment.
  • Curtain Wall Systems
  • Wire Partitions
VRC – Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

  • Pflow Material Lifts
  • Package Lifts: Specifically designed for automated system applications that require lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers or cases.
  • Platform Lifts


See the PalletPal Air in action

Designed for use where pallet loads vary widely and are changed frequently. The airbag spring combination provides virtually linear response, and the spring provides a measure of safety by supporting the unloaded turntable in the event of accidental air loss from the airbag.

Portable Container Tilters

Container tilters improve productivity and safety by positioning baskets so that parts are easily accessible without bending, stretching, or reaching.

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