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Damotech Rack Repair & Guarding


Per ANSI 16.1, a 1/2" of deflection over a 3 ft span is considered severe damage and warrants repair or replacement of the rack upright?

It’s inevitable that any warehouse with racking will experience rack damage at some point in time. Damotech is the first and largest rack repair provider in North America and offers repair solutions designed to fit any type of rack configuration. Best of all, repairs are quick and require minimal-to-no-unloading of product from the rack.

Pugleasa offers a complete line of repair and damage prevention products for racking and other vital areas of your facility. Contact our In-Plant Specialist, Chad Nelson, for a no obligation survey of your facility and find out how Pugleasa can help you protect your valuable assets.


See the PalletPal Air in action

Designed for use where pallet loads vary widely and are changed frequently. The airbag spring combination provides virtually linear response, and the spring provides a measure of safety by supporting the unloaded turntable in the event of accidental air loss from the airbag.

Portable Container Tilters

Container tilters improve productivity and safety by positioning baskets so that parts are easily accessible without bending, stretching, or reaching.

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