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Mezzanines & Vertical Reciprocating Lifts


Mezzanines are a better solution for gaining efficient use of your facility’s existing space and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) are a more cost-effective means of moving material vertically than conventional elevators or using forklifts?


When your facility is cramped for space, have you considered “building UP” rather than building out? Mezzanines are a cost effective way to gain space without the cost of an addition to the facility. When you "create space" with a mezzanine or platform, in addition to saving time and avoiding the cost, you could also realize a tax advantage through faster depreciation because free standing structures are considered Capital Equipment (tangible property) and not Real Property.


Safely transport material from to multiple levels without the cost and regulation associated with freight elevators. VRCs are custom designed for each application and can efficiently move material as small as a box of tissue or as large as an 18-wheeler.

Challenge us with your unique situation. Contact our In-Plant Specialist, Chad Nelson, or our Pflow specialist, Gregg Nemitz, for more information and let us show you how we can help you gain more space without a building expansion or efficiently transport material from one level to another.


Mezzanine Solution Compilation

Utilize your warehouse space with mezzanine applications. Gain additional storage and office space.

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