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  2. Over 50 years experience providing in-plant material handling solutions
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Modular Construction & Industrial Curtain Walls


Compared to conventional construction, modular construction is a faster, more economical way to create space and partition existing space and it can be depreciated faster for a great ROI? Plus, because it’s modular, it can easily be disassembled and relocated.

Chad Nelson, Pugleasa’s In-Plant Specialist, has many options available to help you make the most efficient use of your space. From pre-fabricated structural walls to fabric curtain systems – or a combination of both - Pugleasa can provide the exact solution to your space management needs. Contact Chad and save time and money with modular office and wall systems from Pugleasa!


Sliding curtain wall in action

Designed to provide an economical separation for temperature, sound, dust, and more.

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