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Cold Storage Doors

Innovative Cold Storage Doors for a Variety of Applications

Pugleasa Company has provided many thousands of high speed door solutions for thousands of customer applications over the last 30+ years. No one has sold and installed more doors in the Upper Midwest than Pugleasa Company, and we are proud to represent the broadest and best door line-up in the industry. Ask us for customer references!

Selecting the right cold storage door for your facility can be more complicated than ever. A misapplied door can cause serious problems while a properly applied door can improve safety, save energy, increase productivity, minimize maintenance costs and provide the best overall return on investment. Contact Pugleasa Company to help determine the best cold storage door for your facility

Rite-Hite Cold Storage Doors

Rite-Hite Doors offers a full line of cold storage door solutions to meet virtually any application need:

  • FasTrax FR Freezer Doors
    An industry first, the unique FasTrax FR combines fast operating speeds, an R-4 insulated curtain with Soft-Edge technology and a perimeter Thermal-Air Seal to provide an energy efficient way to handle your toughest cooler and freezer applications. There is no need to use energy guzzling heat lamps or air curtains to keep the curtain clear of ice and frost.
  • Iso-Tek Sliding Cooler/Freezer Doors
    If your application requires high-speed, high-cycle operation, a tight seal, insulated panels and impactability, the Iso-Tek Door System is your best choice. Energy cost savings of up to $24,000 are possible when you consider the 3" thick insulated panels, Thermal-Air Seal and high speed operation.
  • Barrier Glider
    This innovative cold storage door combines quick operation and a superior seal featuring the flexible, impactable Iso-Tek panel. The simple, straightforward design helps to reduce both maintenance and energy costs for long-term reliability and performance.

EMS-USA Insulated Cold Storage Doors

German designed EMS-USA Insulated Doors offers food plant, clean room, cold storage and pharmaceutical doors with innovative, durable designs and excellent long-term performance. There is no other traditional cold storage door on the market that provides a better seal, functionality or has a higher grade construction.

  • In-Fitting Hinged Doors
    Very dense polyurethane foam insulation provides superior panel strength and consistent alignment without the use of moisture-absorbing wood. Exclusive cam hinge design allows for a seated seal and creates an even pressure around the perimeter. Stainless hardware is standard. Available in a variety of finishes and panel options.
  • Clean Room, Wash Down and Pharmaceutical Doors
    EMS-USA doors feature a totally seamless construction. Fiberglass doors feature a non-porous, non-shedding and non-absorptive polyester gel-coat finish. Stainless doors feature #4 16-guage polished stainless steel. Both designs withstand fingerprints, fading and corroding, even when the harshest chemicals are used. Available in both hinged and sliding panel designs.
  • Horizontal Sliding and Vertical Lift Doors
    Featuring similar panel construction to their in-fitting hinged doors, the EMS-USA sliding and vertical door design allows for the absolute best perimeter seal possible. All doors include stainless steel tracking and the sliding doors include the patented hygienic rail system. Super-durable, German engineered hardware provides reliable operation. Available in manual and powered operation.

ZoneWorks Insulated Curtain Walls

Reconfigured insulated ZoneWorks curtain walls are custom designed to partition space quickly and affordably to help provide separation and containment of temperature and humidity. There are endless applications of ZoneWorks insulated walls: Keep chilled areas cool and heated areas warm; protect temperature sensitive items from heat or ambient temperatures; separate space in coolers and freezers; keep employees warm; etc..

Pugleasa's dock and door techs are trained to repair and maintain your doors. CONTACT OUR SERVICE TEAM and experience the POWER OF THREE.


Signs of Problems

There are tell-tail signs you can look for at your facility to determine if you have a cold storage door problem. Our dock and door experts have a trained eye for helping you identify any such problems.

High Speed Cold Storage

The FasTrax FR cold storage door will help you increase productivity and conserve energy. This door is impactable and self-repairing, saving you maintenance costs and/or interruptions to production.

EMS-USA Superior Door Seal

EMS-USA Insulated Doors has developed a superior door seal with their patented hygienic rail system. The rail allows the seal to pull away from the door jam when moving, allowing the door to move free and not wear the door seal. It also gives a tight seal when closed, increasing the efficiency of coolers and freezers.

Zoneworks Industrial Sliding Walls

Use Zoneworks industrial curtain walls for:

  • Temperature Separation
  • Heat Containment
  • Humidity Control
  • Dust Containment
  • Odor/Fume Containment
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Wash Down
  • Loading Dock Enclosures
  • Applications are Endless!

Pugleasa Company has been helping customers apply dock and door solutions for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your door needs or learn more about our unmatched service department.

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