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High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors: Moving at the Speed of Your Operation

High speed doors are designed for fast open and close, allowing traffic to move quickly through the opening. When properly applied, they can increase environmental separation, productivity and safety, and reduce maintenenace costs.

Pugleasa has provided many thousands of high speed door solutions for thousands of customer applications over the last 30+ years. No one has sold and installed more doors in the upper Midwest than Pugleasa Company. We are proud to represent the broadest and best line-up in the industry from Rite-Hite Industrial Doors.

There are two basic designs of high speed doors: roll-up and bi-parting. Roll-up doors open vertically, while bi-parting doors open horizontally from the center. The specific application must be examined to determine which style is ideal, as each design has distinct features and benefits.

  • FasTrax Doors
Designed around a single operational platform, FasTrax Series High Speed-High Performance Doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, clean, cooler or freezer high-cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.
  • FasTrax CL - Clean Room High Speed Doors
Simple, reliable FaxTrax CL, Clean Room High Speed-High Performance Door. The washdown door that has it all. Clean design from top to bottom - engineered specifically for clean environments.
  • SplitSecond Bi-Rolling Doors
When immediate, full-height, top-to-bottom visibility, speed, and material access are required, the SplitSecond Side-Acting High Speed-High Performance Industrial Door is your best choice. The fast bi-rolling action opens the door quickly to help improve productivity, while eliminating the overhead operating concerns of roll up doors.
  • SplitSecond PH - Pharmaceutical Bi-Rolling Door
    The SplitSecond Pharma is your cleanest choice for maximized productivity, less air movement and contamination between zones, while eliminating the overhead operating concerns of roll up doors.
  • TrakLine Roll Door
The TrakLine Roll Door gives you all the benefits of high-speed operation and an exceptional lifetime value. It features a unique lightweight curtain design and is ideally suited for interior applications. 
  • TrakLine Fold High Speed Door
For exterior doorways and larger interior openings, get the TrakLine Fold Door. Its fast operating speed, combined with a simple, low-maintenance design, make it a cost-effective choice for your openings. 
  • TrakLine PLUS High Speed Fold Doors
As the largest door we offer, the TrakLine PLUS Fold Door is the ideal choice for large exterior openings that require high-speed, high cycle operation.

Making the right choice of product and supplier is difficult. Contact Pugleasa Company today and find out why we're the go-to firm for businesses across the midwest.


SplitSecond Industrial Door

Accelerate the speed of business with the industries fastest (120" per second) industrial door. Paired with Pugleasa's application expertise, you have a win-win situation.

Case Study


This Iowa based Food Company needed to run product along a conveyor from a labeling area to a freezer for storage. The area between the labeling area and freezer was small and tight, so they needed a door with a versatile track design. Since product would continually be moving along the conveyer, they needed a fast high-cycle door that could efficiently insulate the freezer opening. The customer also wanted a door that could be activated/integrated with their existing conveyor system.


Pugleasa's skilled sales team worked with the customer to design and configure a FasTrax FR cold storage door; probably one of the only products on the market that could be applied to this unique situation.


The customer was extremely pleased that Pugleasa had a solid product and the application expertise to provide a solution. Not only did the FasTrax FR meet their needs, wIth the industry's highest operating speed (up to 100" per second), the customer is maximizing their energy savings by keeping the freezer environment sealed/insulated.

Pugleasa Company has been providing product solutions for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your unique dock and door needs.

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