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Sectional & Rolling Steel Doors

Sectional & Rolling Steel Doors

Pugleasa Company is well known as the reliable source for high-speed doors, but many do not realize that for many years we have applied and installed thousands of commercial and industrial sectional and rolling steel doors, including fire doors. Contact Pugleasa Company to help determine the best door for your facility.

Sectional Doors

Pugleasa offers a full line of sectional door solutions to meet virtually any application need and budget. Ask us how we can help you.

Steel-Rite and Insul-Rite Sectional Doors

Economical Steel-Rite pan-style sectional doors are also available with polystyrene insulation. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulated Insul-Rite sectional doors provide high R-values and excellent panel strength to hold up to the toughest conditions. Both models are available with 2" or 3" track, any lift configuration and is almost any size. Motorized operation is also available and can be interconnected to dock equipment to help control safety and energy loss.

Impactable Rite-Flex Doors

Ideal for abusive loading dock environments, the Rite-Flex door is constructed completely of impactable panel sections, allowing it to absorb most fork truck impacts. This reduces down time and repair costs over the life of the door. Optional translucent slats allow natural light in to improve visibility at the dock and reduce energy use. Available ventilation panels improve air quality and employee comfort while maintaining security and sanitation.

Replacement Panels and Door Accessories

Pugleasa can replace any damaged door panel with a standard panel to match the original door, or with a long-lasting impactable GX-4000 panel. We also offer weatherseal kits, track guards, spring repair and replacement, operators, safety edges and many other accessories to help keep your door working and safe. Ask us how we can help you.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are available for a wide variety of applications, including for improved security and for facilities requiring a door in a rated fire wall.

Rolling Steel Service Doors
Standard Rolling Steel Service Doors

Well suited for either interior or exterior applications, standard rolling steel doors feature interlocking slats made of primed steel, aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel. Durable counterbalance assembly provides reliable and easy operation. Available motor operation to meet any industrial need. Color options range from standard finish to a multitude of powdercoat finishes. Slats can also be insulated to provide better energy efficiency.

Fire-Rated Rolling Steel Doors

When fire protection is required, Pugleasa Company offers several UL fire-rated rolling steel door options to consider with ratings up to 4 hours (based on wall construction). Our fire doors comply with NFPA-80 and include an auto-reset design that allows easy drop testing and resetting in a matter of minutes without tools and without the ned for service technicians. Available with manual or automatic operations and in non-insulated or insulated slats.

Rolling Steel Fire Door
Coiling Grilles and Counter Shutters

Designed for security, ventilation and visibility, rolling grilles are available in many patterns and finishes for commercial, retail, industrial and institutional applications.

Counter shutters are perfect for counter openings that require security and are available in push, crank and motor operation and in a variety of configurations and finishes.

Specialty Doors

Visit our Specialty Doors page for information on the following doors:

  1. Sliding
  2. Screen
  3. Machine Guarding and Safety

Making the right choice of product and supplier is difficult. Contact Pugleasa Company today and find out why we're the go-to firm for businesses across the midwest.


Wayne-Dalton FireStar Door

Rolling steel fire doors provide protection for your people and property. The Wayne-Dalton FireStar is engineered for reliability and simplicity. Auto-reset comes standard on the FireStar.

Guard Your Doors

Pugleasa Company has many equipment guarding solutions. Fire doors in particular need to be protected from damage to ensure they work when needed most.

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