1. Sales professionals personally review customer’s unique applications
  2. Activation experts – the wrong activation can be trouble for even the best door
  3. Installation checklists help insure there are no surprises

Traffic Doors & Strip Curtains

Impact Traffic Doors

Choosing the right impact doors or strip curtain for your application can be difficult. Consulting with you Pugleasa representative is the best source for identifying the right solution for your unique environment.

PVC Strip Doors and Curtains

PVC strip doors and curtains are one of the most economical solutions for providing environmental separation to areas and openings where pedestrian, cart or motorized traffic access is required. Available in dozens of configurations and styles, Contact Pugleasa Company today to discuss how a strip curtain can help your bottom line.

Case Study


Our customer, a Fortune 500 grocery distributor, had a malfunction with an industrial door that provided access to a much needed area of their facility and could not afford down-time


Pugleasa's service personnel evaluated the situation, planned a service and parts strategy and coordinated an overnight repair with the customer and their electrician.


Pugleasa removed the customer's old door and installed a new Fastrax FR High-Speed door. The repairs were started after 9:00 pm and completed prior to 6:00am, in time for the customer's critical first shift.

Pugleasa Company has been helping customers address warehouse maintenance, safety, and efficiency issues for over 50 years. Contact Us today with your situation or learn more about our unmatched service department.

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