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Rite-Vu Light Communication System

Rite-Vu is a complete detection and visual management warning system. It consists of three separate products, including: Corner-Vu, Leveler-Vu and Pedestrian-Vu.

Rite-Vu Features and Benefits
  • Clear, concise communication to the right person, at the right time, in the right location.
  • Helps reduce catastrophic trailer separation accidents.
  • Helps prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions.
  • Virtual filament technology reduces light pollution and allows for directional light.
Three individual products. One complete visual safety system:
  • Pedestrian-Vu visually communicates to loading dock personnel if a forklift is inside a trailer.
  • Corner-Vu provides immediate Dok-Lok status-at-a-glance to the forklift driver before entering the trailer.
  • Leveler-Vu confirms Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver while inside the trailer.

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See the Rite-Vu Clear Communication System in action in this short animation.

Case Study


Ocean Spray is a leading producer of canned and bottled juice in North America. At their Tomah, WI facility, one of the world's largest receiving stations for fruit, hundreds of loads are dealt with each day. They needed a system to keep the docks safe and not slow down the operation.


Pugleasa analyzed the facility and operation before recommending, and ultimately installing, a Rite-Hite Rite-Vu and Dok-Lok system. It allows warehouse employees, facility managers and drivers quick visual communication of what is happening and when. 


Ocean Spray has reported that the system has increased the safety of their facility and has also saved them money on staffing and resource costs. Download the full case study here.

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