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Unmatched Loading Dock Safety: Wheel-Lok Vehicle Restraints

Wheel-Lok restraints provide the highest level of safety for the application. Wheel-Lok restraints service a variety of trailer types, such as trailers with hydraulic liftgates, dropframe trailers and trailers without an effective rear impact guard (RIG). Full-time communication of the Wheel-Lok status is provided with the Rite-Vu Light Communication System.

When to use a wheel-based restraint

Wheel-based restraints are effective in the following situations:

  • Trailers without NHTSA-approved RIGs.
  • Trailers with damaged or bent RIGs.
  • Trailers with hydraulic lift gates.
  • Trailers with low-hanging fenders.
Wheel chocks are NOT the answer

Wheel chocks can not protect across the range of hazards at the loading dock. There are many problems associated with wheel chocks:>/p>

  • Slip on oily surfaces, rain, snow or ice.
  • Can’t prevent a sudden departure.
  • Can be easily driven over.
  • Lack a communication system to alert the truck driver and lift truck operator.
  • Easily lost, misplaced or stolen.
  • Need to stock multiple sizes.
  • Require training and supervision.
  • Dangerous and time-consuming installation.


WHEEL-LOK Wheel Lift gate trailers, Straight trucks A second wheel guide can be added to "square"trailers to the dock.
ROTATING HOOK RESTRAINTS 2-Point Entrapment Hook Early departure, Trailer creep & dock walk, Landing gear failure, Trailer upending The RHR is the original vehicle restraint and is the most proven and widely sold restraint in the world.
SHADOW HOOK RESTRAINTS 2-Point Entrapment Hook Secures intermodal containers or trailers with rear impact guard obstructions. The SHR provides safety for docks that receive overseas containers.
STABILIZING TRAILER RESTRAINTS 2-Point Entrapment Hook Stabilizes trailer movement vertically and horizontally Reduces chronic back injuries associated with trailer bounce (dock-shock).
VERTICAL BARRIER RESTRAINTS Recessed Vertical Barrier Early departure, Trailer creep Available with combo power unit with hydraulic levelers, auto light packages can be added to manual units.
RITE-VU Clear communication Newest generation of safe loading dock communication. Available with all Rite-Hite Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraints

Making the right choice of product and supplier is difficult. Contact Pugleasa Company today and find out why we're the go-to firm for businesses across the midwest. Becoming educated as to your application and risk exposure is key.

Case Study


This customer had a unique dock layout that was originally outfitted with a competitor's vertical barrier vehicle restraint In addition to reliability issues, the customer was having trailer/dock separation issues multiple times a year, resulting in costly product damage and a real safety concern.


Pugleasa evaluated the operation and environment with the customer and ultimately installed an STR-4100 Dok-Lok Restraint that stabilizes the trailer and with a rotating hook design that securely entraps the trailer’s rear impact guard under the most challenging of dock conditions. 


This product has eliminated the trailer separation issues and provides a safer working environment.  After trying one STR-4100, this customer had Pugleasa install eight more units. Pugleasa Company has been helping customers address loading dock safety issues and improve loading dock safety for over 50 years. Contact us today with your situation.

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